My thoughts on Artificial Intelligence  A I.

If and when A I happens there is going to be more free time for leisure for many of us.  A fundamental aspect of being human is to be creative.

Timber has been a medium to allow us to express this creativity with. Timber has to be understood to be able obtain the full impact of the hidden forces within this medium.

Timber must be allowed to move according to the atmospheric conditions which are prevalent at the moment. Timber is like a sponge. Timber is always taking on moisture from the atmosphere or giving off moisture when circumstances dictate for this to happen.

Modern products do not need this consideration. Also, modern products do not have a spiritual aspect to them. This has nothing to do with religion, this is to do with the hidden forces which operate within the tree as it grows and even after the tree has been felled.

An excellent book to read from this aspect is    ” The Soul of a Tree ” by George Nakashima. George came from Japan and practiced in California.George has now passed on and his daughter now has control of the business.